The Brick Masonry program

Beginning in June 2016, Washington College Academy will offer a NCCER-certified Brick Masonry Program.

Our 620 hour program is composed of four sections:

Core Curriculum: Introductory Craft Skills
72.5 hours
Provides training in basic construction site safety, an introduction to construction math, hand tools, power tools, and construction drawings. Discusses basic communication and employability skills. Introduction to materials handling.

Masonry Level 1
195 hours
Provides an introduction to basic masonry, masonry materials and methods, masonry safety, masonry tools and equipment, measurments, drawings and specifications, motar (ingredients, types, admixtures and mixing,) and types of masonry units and installation techniques.

Masonry Level 2
152.5 hours
Provides training in residential plans and drawing interpretation, residential masonry, reinforced masonry, masonry openings and metal work, advanced laying techniques, effect of climate on masonry, and construction inspection and quality control.

Masonry Level 3
200 hours
Provides training in elevated masonry in high-rise construction, specialized materials and techniques, repair and restoration, commercial drawings, estimating site layout, distance measurement and leveling, stone masonry, and fundamentals of crew leadership.

Join the Next Generation of Industry Professionals

In addition to masonry, WCA students will learn skills invaluable
on the job site, including personal management, interpersonal skills, and industry safety regulations.

NCCER-certified bricklayers start their jobs earning more than
non-certified workers. Additionally, they are often given more
responsibilities and move up the company ladder more quickly.

Class sizes are limited. For registration information, email us.