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It is the most basic form of creating art — using a pencil or charcoal to render a likeness or image on paper. Learn the basics of design, composition, perspective, and shading in this 12-hour course consisting of four three-hour sessions Saturdays beginning July 14. . Local artist Joe Kilday will instruct the class which will be held 1 to 4 p.m. in the Pence-Graybeal Building. Space is limited to give each student ample instruction time. Tuition is $260.


IMG_0899Creative Metalsmithing: Jewelry to Hood Ornaments

Have you ever wanted to craft something out of metel but didn’t have the first idea how? 

Dwight Bennett, a self-employed Metalsmith of 40 years will teach the fundamentals of working in copper and brass. 

“With practice, students will be able to create anything from jewelry to belt buckles, custom furniture hardware, car parts, patent prototypes, or sconces,” said Bennett, who holds an MFA in metalsmithing and was interviewed by Jay Leno about his work. “We’ll learn to intricately cut, pierce, rivet, twist, weave, form, make small tools, embellish, make chains, silver solder, polish, set stones, and combine found objects in metal.” 

The class will consist of two six-hour sessions on Saturday, July 14 and 21, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (with an hour break in the middle) in the Pence-Graybeal Building. Tuition is $260. There is also a $50 materials and equipment fee.  A second class will be offered July 28 and August 4. 

IMG_0890Batik for Quilters

Ever wanted to design your own fabric to use in your quilt patterns? Learn this ancient form of textile design, using wax resists and colored dyes to create patterns on cotton cloth.  No experience is necessary.  The class will be creating designs using patterns that you make from start to finish over a 2 1/2 day workshop.  Up to three pieces of material will be created, 1/2 yard each.   Rubber gloves, apron and a lunch, are the things you need to bring from home, plus a $25 materials fee. Everything else will be provided.  Come have fun and create something unique to use in your quilts. “I made that!” Takes on a new meaning when you use your own textile designs! Tuition is $140 and classes will be held July 20-21 1-4 p.m and July 22 1-4 p.m.

IMG_0891Mixed Media Sculpture

Dr. Fran Church will lead this 12-hour course in modeling sculpture from inexpensive materials to create anything from small art objects to custom furniture. Students will learn to create wood and wire armatures, design 2D and 3D projects, choose the proper media, and the concepts of balance, use of positive and negative space, as well as rendering likeness. Classes will be held 1-4 p.m. Saturdays beginning July 14 through August 4. Tuition is $260 and students are also responsible for a $20 materials fee.

WCA NewsletterHat Making

Sherry Upp of the Mad Hatters will lead this one-day workshop on beginning hat making. The workshop will be held Sunday, July 28 in the Pence-Greybeal Building. The cost is $140 plus a $15 materials and equipment fee. The class will be held 9 a.m to 4 p.m. July 28 at the Pence Graybeal building.

IMG_0892Plein Air Painting

Are you ready for the challenges and excitement of painting in the great outdoors? Local artist Caroline Blanks will instruct “Plein Air Painting” which means painting outside and capturing the world around you. Work with whatever media you’re comfortable and join the class as they explore the historic campus and learn to capture the unique nature of Appalachia. This two-day workshop will meet Saturday July 14 and Sunday July 15 from 1 to 4 p.m. and will cost $140. Students will supply their own paint and canvas.

Getting Registered 

Interested students can use this form to register. Once submitted, WCA will email an acceptance along with an invoice for a $25 deposit to hold your place.  The balance will be due on the first day of class.




Classes will be held in the Pence-Graybeal building which is next to Salem Presbyterian Church on the WCA campus. You can download a Campus Map.


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