WCA Offers Slate of Summer Art Classes

848422f03ce85f28a3cf3563275d3951Washington College Academy announces a slate of summer classes for artists of nearly every skill level.

In “Drawing and Color Mixing for Beginners” students will practice techniques that build skills necessary for drawing and sketching, including the use of a variety of drawing materials, contour drawing, shadowing in shading, and perspective. The class will be offered 9 a.m. to noon, Saturdays in July beginning July 8 in the art room at Washington College Academy. The cost is $20 and is open to teens and adults.

Students taking “Batik and Tie Dye” will learn an ancient Indonesian process for dying fabric. It uses melted wax and cold-water pigments to layer colored patterns on the fabric. The course will cover designing the fabric, color mixing basics, application of wax, use of color dyes and mordants, and removal of wax from the fabric. Students will also learn the tie-dye process and can experiment with combining the techniques. The class meets 9 a.m.-11 a.m. June 19-22, in the art room at Washington College Academy. It is open to teens and adults. The cost is $35, which includes a $15.00 materials fee.

Finally, “Art Projects for Homeschooled Students (and their parents)” is open to students age seven to adult. It will include instruction on art projects that teach elements and principles of design that can be made using inexpensive or free materials. Projects include painting a landscape, crayon resist, papier-mâché sculpture and puppets, tie dye, collage, color mixing and painting techniques, printmaking, sculpture from free materials, relief sculpture, and portraits with various materials. Classes meet 10 a.m.-noon, July 17-20, in the art room at Washington College Academy. The cost is $20 per student.

Dr. Fran Church, an artist/teacher with decades of experience in art education, will be the instructor for these courses. If you’re interested in registering, email churchfran1@bellsouth.net or call 423-620-9008.


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