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Classes for Spring 2014 Announced

Washington College Academy Announces Spring 2014 Course Offerings

LIMESTONE, Tenn., March 19, 2014 – Dr. Robert Orr, president of Washington College Academy announced today three courses to be offered for the Spring 2014 semester at Washington College Academy.

The course offerings are:

  • “Secret Societies in East Tennessee in the Civil War:”

This will be a series of four lectures by Dr. Robert Orr detailing many of the secret societies that sprung up in the region during the Civil War. Classes will meet at 6 p.m. beginning Thursday, March 27 at the President’s House on the Washington College Academy campus. The class will not meet April 10, but will have the fourth lecture on April 17.

There is a $10 registration fee as well as a cost of $5 per lecture.

  • “The Conflict with Muslim Fundamentalist Terrorism”
    This will be a two-lecture series beginning at 6 p.m., Monday April 14 and 21 at the President’s House on the WCA campus. The lectures will attempt to put the contemporary conflict in an historical context. There is a $10 registration fee as well as a $5 charge per lecture.
  • “Historic Painting”

One of the most popular courses at WCA, participants will learn techniques for creating historically accurate paintings of East Tennessee history. For more information, contact by Dr. Robert Orr at 257-3294.

There is a $10 registration fee as well as a cost of $5 per class.

  • “Readings in American History”

Dr. Robert Orr will lead participants in discussions of assigned readings in American history, putting each work in context to provide a better understanding of America’s place on the world stage. Classes will be held in the library of the Carnegie-Temple building on the WCA Campus. Interested students may schedule an appointment by contacting Orr directly at 257-3294.

There is a $10 registration fee as well as a cost of $5 per session.


For more information, contact Orr at (423) 257-3294 or via email at


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