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Canning for Beginners Workshop

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Last night, Lamanda Weston, Greene County extension agent for the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension office, came to WCA for a canning demonstration. Participants learned to make peach jelly using the hot-water bath method of canning. Next week on October 1, she will demonstrate pickling for beginners. To reserve a spot or for more information, contact Leah Walker at or (423) 636-8554.

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A special thanks to Sheriff Greybeal

As you may have read in an earlier post, some unscrupulous criminals dumped 125 tires on the WCA athletic fields. Clean up would have cost the school $2.75 per tire, but Washington County Sheriff Ed Greybeal was kind enough to help us out by allowing country prisoners to remove the tires for us.

Sheriff Greybeal, you have our sincere thanks.

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Welcome, Greeneville Newcomers Club

photo (6)Yesterday, we received a visit from the Greeneville Newcomers Club. We met in the auditorium of Carnegie/Temple and WCA President Dr. Robert Orr gave the group some history about the school, its founder and legacy. Afterwards, the group took a tour of the library.

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Illegal dumping hits WCA!

photo (4)Last weekend, some unscrupulous criminals left Washington College Academy a gift at the athletic fields. Someone dumped more than 60 old tires at the wood line behind the baseball field. Tires are particularly difficult to dispose of as they have to be shipped to Bristol, Tenn. When customers buy new tires, they are charged a fee to dispose of them properly, but some bad businesses keep the fee and just dump the tires, leaving the community to pick up the tab.

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It’s an art hunt!

ImageRecently, Susan Campbell, who worked in the WCA business office for many years, brought her nephew Sean Stewart to campus for a visit. Sean’s mother, Judith Stewart, was a prolific artist and Sean has been hunting for her works in order to document his mother’s art. Washington College Academy owns several pieces donated by Judith Stewart and, while Sean has photographed almost all of them, Susan knew there were others.

photo (3)Together, we searched the rooms at Carnegie/Temple and found the missing art work hanging in the hallway on the top floor. Sean carefully removed the piece from the frame, photographed it and replaced it. Sean said he’s photographed more than 300 of his mother’s art pieces.

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Self help student program


This undated photo from our archives had the following message written on the back:

Under the school’s self help program, boys and girls rotate every three weeks on various assigned jobs. Since the school owns a milking herd of forty Guernseys, the boys assist with the milking. Though milking machines are used, there is always some hand work to be done. Rex Hopson of Camp Creek, Tenn. is testing a cow for abnormal milk by milking into a strip cup before attaching the milker.

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Class Photo 1980

The Washington College Academy class of 1980 waiting to proceed into Salem Presbyterian Church for the ceremony. Class of 1980

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September 5, 2013 · 4:32 pm